CAM350 / WEBINAR / 18. August 2020

PCB designs require a predictable and error-free transition from design to manufacturing. Finding errors during the manufacturing cycle leads to production delays and unexpected costs. When analyzing for potential errors before committing a design to fabrication there is more time and are more options to address errors properly.


  • Analyze, identify, and fix manufacturing flaws that may cause delay
  • Inspect for etching, soldermask, thermal, and spacing violations
  • Verify and maintain design integrity and intent
  • Efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication


BluePrint-PCB / WEBINAR / 19. August 2020

Reaping the benefits from automating your PCB Documentation process is easier than you think. Not only does this revolutionary way save you time, it also streamlines the transfer of instructions from design to assembly and manufacturing.


  • Automatically create PCB views, details, and tables from PCB CAD data
  • Remove constraints of PCB CAD but retain design intelligence
  • Use PCB intelligence to create common drawing elements
  • Create live and interactive documentation
  • Store all information in one electronic “release package”
  • Instantaneous support engineering changes (ECOs)
  • Simplified sharing and viewing of documents via web, PDF, or viewers


BluePrint allows you to take control of all your documents through automation, while enhancing detail, accuracy, and instructions. High quality PCB documentation leads to fewer questions, fewer errors, lower overall costs, and huge time savings.