BluePrint Module



BP 500: Base PCB Authoring Package   Includes BluePrint Foundation module (GUI, database, Drafting and basic dimensioning tools, Common tool pallete with drag and drop elements, Task panes, Edit/Preview/Design modes, Gallery, Preset templates without editing, Hard copy print), Fabrication Tool Pallete module (Enables basic fabrication drawing elements and tools. Supports PCB Views (Board Outline, Drill Pattern), Drill Chart, Detail wizards (Layer Stack-up, Finger Chamfer, Min Trace Width, V-Score).), Assembly Tool Pallet module (Enables basic assembly drawing elements and tools, and 3D Tool Pallette (Enables 3D drawing elements and tools; Enables 3D visualization). Supports PCB Views (top/bottom side), Parts List Manager, Integral parts list, Component coordinate chart), Insert Object module (Enables OLE Embedding and Linking within the BluePrint Release Package), Stackup Visualization and Web Publisher module (Allows creation of release packages in HTML format). Also includes a CAD System module of choice.
BluePrint for PADS / CAD Star / Altium / OrCAD: Special priced entrance bundles for PADS, CAD Star, Altium Design, or OrCAD PCB Designer ECAD systems. Includes BluePrint-PCB 500 configuration plus adds Advanced Feature Toolkit, Assembly Drawing Tool Kit and one CAD Import interface. Upgrades are limited. The BluePrint for XXX configurations may be upgraded to standard BluePrint-500 – which allows any BluePrint options to be added – by adding the Universal Blueprint Upgrade option.
BP 1200: Midrange PCB Authoring Package   Includes BluePrint-500 configuation and adds Advanced Feature Toolkit module, Assembly Drawing Toolkit module, DXF Interface module, Import Gerber Module, Pack and Release Module, CSV/ODBC Interface Module, Step File Import, and Template Customization Tool Kit. Also includes a CAD System module of choice.
BP 2200: High End PCB Authoring Package  Includes BluePrint-PCB 1200 configuation and adds Assembly Panel Toolkit module. Also includes a CAD System module of choice.


Advanced Feature Tool Kit: Adds BluePrint Reference Designator (BPRD) text box generator – BPRDs may be displayed, formatted, moved, etc.; adds Blind & Buried Via support in layer stack up, PCB Views, and drill charts; adds ECO Import Differences Analysis; adds Merge BPD file; Also enables searching function.
Assembly Drawing Tool Kit: Enables displaying of PCB Views by Variant, Variant Manager, Variant lists, Variant status in Parts List, Variant Legend. Display of Parts List by Variant in Parts List Manager; Enables displaying of PCB Views by Process Step, Process Step Manager, Process Step Chart, Display of Proces Steps in Parts List Manager; Enables side and sectional view wizards
DXF Interface: Enables importation and exportation of DXF files
Import Gerber: Enables importation of Gerber files.
Pack and Release: Allows for creation of timed view only files with or without integrated BluePrint viewers
CSV/ODBC Interface: Allows importation of parts list data in CSV format or from ODBC compliant application. Allows extraction of CSV files for component coordinates and parts lists.
Template Customization Tool Kit: Allows custom template creation. Enables Template tool pallet and format template dialogs.
Automation Tool Kit: Enables VB Scripting tools
Assembly Panel Tool Kit: Enables panel drawing elements and tools.
2D PDF Import and Export: Enables the importing of 2D PDF files and the exporting of BluePrint documents in 2D PDF format.
3D PDF Export: Enables panel drawing elements and tools. NOTE: 3D PDF Export requires the purchase of the 2D PDF Interface.
3D Toolkit (Step File Import): Enables Importation of Step files for display and manipulation on Drawing sheets
Universal BluePrint Upgrade: Upgrade BluePrint for XXX configuration to BluePrint-500 allowing addition of restricted modules.
Allegro PCB ODB++ Import: Enables Importing of Cadence Allegro PCB databases
BoardStation ODB++ Import: Enables importing of Mentor BoardStation Layout databases
Expedition ODB++ Import: Enables importing of Mentor Expedition Layout databases
ODB++ Import: Imports Standard ODB++ – use for Valor or Pantheon ODB++ Import
IPC2581 Import: Imports Standard IPC2581 Format – use for Cadence Allegro or Zuken CR5000 IPC2581 Import
PADS Layout ASCII Import: Enables importing of Mentor PADS (PowerPCB) Layout databases
CADStar/Visula Import: Enables importing of Zuken Visula and CADStar Layout databases
OrCAD Layout ODB++ Import: Enables importing of Cadence Orcad Layout databases (for OrCAD PCB Editor, use the Allegro Import)
Altium Designer ODB++ Import: Enables importing of Altium Designer layout databases