CAM350 Version 14.6

Die neuen Features von CAM350 V14.6

Visual Basic Application Programming Interface (Macro) with Record and Playback
Visual Basic (VB) scripting support is now available. Users have a full command set of CAM350 now in VB support as well as the robust industry standard VB scripting environment to create CAM350 automation solutions. An advanced VB script editor is included for playback and VB script debugging.

DFM Analysis for Rigid Flex Design
DFM Streams now offers a set of Rigid Flex specific DFM analysis. Over 39 new flex and rigid-flex specific DFM checks were added. Flexible layer analysis includes detection of potential trace fracture conditions such as the presence of vias, trace corners, and solid copper in bend areas.

Rigid-Flex analysis includes comparing pairs of layer types in a rigid flex stackup for fabrication issues. For example, detection of silkscreen ink in a coverlay exposure, coverlay to soldermask minimum overlap and many other layer combinations including any layer to any layer analysis. You can create custom streams specific to your flex or rigid-flex design.

Net Bridge Support
Net Bridges are used to identify design elements where intentional shorts are present in PCB designs. Net Bridge support in CAM350 includes Net Bridge import and export, Net Bridge assignment, Net Bridge management and updates to netlist extract and compare.

IPC-2581 Revision C Support
The IPC-2581 Revision C specification included updates for defining Vias In Pads and Net Bridges. CAM350 support for IPC-2581 revision C includes import and export of vias in pads and net bridges, definition of via in pad type drills and recognition of vias in pads in DFM analysis. Drills in the Drill and Mill and Padstack Tables can be set as Via in Pad hole types. Copper Geometry DFM checks that detect Via In Pads were updated to report Via In Pad hole type presence in error reports. The Design Analyzer report now includes presence of Vias In Pads.

Expanded Support for Rigid-Flex Layer Types
Further expansion of our support of Rigid-Flex design data includes support for Conductive Foil, Conductive Film and Dielectric Bondply layer types commonly assigned in PCB CAD systems. IPC-2581 and ODB++ interfaces were updated to support import and export of these new layer types.

Support for Open GL Graphics Acceleration
CAM350 2D graphics display is optimized by using the industry standard Open GL interface. The Open GL interface is common on all graphics HW. The new Open GL implementation dramatically improves the performance for all 2D displays of the CAD database.