CAM350 Version14.5

Die neuen Features von CAM350 V14.5:

Import and Export to/from ODB++ and IPC2581 of:

▪ Rigid‐Flex

▪ Embedded Components

▪ PCB Core data

▪ Cavity support

Stack-Up Visualizer (SUV) support of:

▪ Creation and modification of multiple stackups for Rigid Flex designs

▪ Core definition and data passing via SUV’s IPC‐2581 stackup exchange

▪ Creation and saving Core definitions in the Material list and designs

▪ New documentation Fabrication BOM table template for layer materials including Cores

Vias In Pad DFM checks

Features and documentation tools for creation of Rigid‐Flex and Embedded component documentation in BluePrint:

▪ Multi-Rigid-flex stackup

▪ 3D Rigid-Flex Stackup

▪ Side View for board with multi-stackups

Updated backdrill template to correctly present stackups with backdrill overlays

3D Viewing of Rigid Flex Circuits and embedded components and Enhanced display of slots and cutouts

Den aktuellen Installer für CAM350 und BluePrint finden Sie im Downloadbereich.