CAM350 V14.5 (Beta)

DownStream Technologies hat die neuen Features der von CAM350 V14.5 veröffentlicht, die sich zurzeit im Beta-Test befindet:

Import and Export to/from ODB++ and IPC2581 of:

▪ Rigid‐Flex

▪ Embedded Components

▪ PCB Core data

▪ Cavity support

Stack-Up Visualizer (SUV) support of:

▪ Creation and modification of multiple stackups for Rigid Flex designs

▪ Core definition and data passing via SUV’s IPC‐2581 stackup exchange

▪ Creation and saving Core definitions in the Material list and designs

▪ New documentation Fabrication BOM table template for layer materials including Cores

Vias In Pad DFM checks


Features and documentation tools for creation of Rigid‐Flex and Embedded component documentation in BluePrint:

▪ Multi-Rigid-flex stackup

▪ 3D Rigid-Flex Stackup

▪ Side View for board with multi-stackups

Updated backdrill template to correctly present stackups with backdrill overlays


3D Viewing of Rigid Flex Circuits and embedded components and Enhanced display of slots and cutouts